At the crossroad

There is no shame in taking a leap in life even if it embraces uncertainty. I’ve recently taken the plunge and packed up working on the ‘frontline’ of the education system. 

Being a teacher is all I have ever envisioned growing up. However, for me, this is a foundation for a greater cause. While potholes stand in the way of any journey, I look back on past the 13 years with fond memories. 

Throughout September, each day I recorded one memory of what some may describe as ‘jail time’ within my profession. I share these memories with you with pride, gazing outside coffee shop windows drinking lattes.

Here goes…

  1. Detention slips and strike cards
  2. Curious smells from the student toilets
  3. Pealing classroom displays
  4. A David Attenborough DVD saves the impromptu cover lesson
  5. Facing those ‘dreaded classes’
  6. A whole school fire drill in the pouring rain caused by a burning bagel
  7. Heaps of workplace banter
  8. Another education initiative
  9. Another windows update, creates a 20 minute delay to log on to any PC. 
  10. Coffee clubs and ‘sexy marking clubs’.
  11. Panic planning and marking
  12. Hitting your photocopying budget quota two weeks before the end of term.
  13. Another year teaching longshore drift.
  14. Suggesting that geography is simply colouring in. It’s shading, actually. 
  15. Living for the weekend, no wait, half term. 
  16. A snow day blessing
  17. Mid August exam result anxiety
  18. Terrified making the first phonecall home to a parent
  19. Seagulls at breaktime out to get
  20. Swinging back on chairs and calling out
  21. Precarious graffiti images
  22. Job promotions and keeping the faith
  23. Glorious international trips that crafts the travel bug among the young eager eye
  24. Thankful for a 3 month travel sabbatical 
  25. Incredible form groups
  26. End of year gift appreciation
  27. From oversized blazers, to… 
  28. Foundation and nail varnish, ‘please can you just tuck your shirt in’!
  29. ‘Miss, my water bottle leaked in my bag’.
  30. ‘Miss, can I turn the page now’?


Priya x

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